There are some interest in the group to start an yearly robo-sumo competition in the space. I have started to look in to this and I find it very interesting.

There are a few classes in robo-sumo. They are from the standard class where the robot is 3kg and 30x30cm but for our competition we talked about the femto-sumo class which is 10x10x10mm. These are the Swedish rules for robo-sumo. There are international rules that allow for robots to be 65kg and about 60x60x60 cm.

The class I suggest we start at is the mini-sumo where the robot is 0.5kg and 10x10cm. To test this I think the first season will only feature a remote controlled class where the operator actively steer the robot. But if enough interest is given to the autonomous class I see no reason why we can't have both.

I was planing on have the start-up meeting Thursday September 1 at 19:00 at Fabriksgatan.

The goal is to have at lest 4 teams for the competition to start. A team can be as few as one person.

Some more information about this at:

Looking forward to see you all there!

/Sebastian (Titanzi)